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Who We Are

Paragon Financial Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with our main office in College Station, Texas, serving clients across the United States. Founded in 2007, Paragon continues to be built on the fiduciary principal: to always act in our clients’ best interest.

What Makes Paragon Different

What Makes Paragon Different

What We Believe

We believe our client’s objective is our foremost objective. As a fee-only RIA, Paragon minimizes conflicts of interest which are rampant in the world of “financial advising”. Our firm does not sell products, earn commissions, or receive any compensation other than an asset under management fee. We believe this aligns us alongside our clients.

We believe the key to achieving client objectives is by developing deep, long-lasting relationships built on trust and open communication. We do not sugar-coat our advice or avoid making difficult recommendations.

We believe passionate Advisors and employees are requirements to provide the best financial advice; our responsibility to the client is not simply a “means to an end”.

We believe education matters. Paragon has a growing staff of twelve, including two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®) and seven Certified Financial Planners (CFP®). Each of these designations are the gold standard in investment management and financial planning industries, requiring a Bachelor’s degree, years of industry work experience and multiple rigorous examinations.

We believe if Advisors are truly acting in the client’s best interest, they should be willing to put their money where their mouth is. As such, all Paragon Principals, employees, and family members already own the same portfolios as our clients. We eat our own financial cooking (and believe ALL Advisors should too).

We believe a cooperative team is superior to a single Advisor approach. By capitalizing on the specific strengths and passions of multiple Advisors, each client benefits from a collective wealth of knowledge and expertise, leading to better financial outcomes.

Who We Serve

We provide financial planning and investment management solutions to high net-worth clients and institutions. Our clients seek a more personal relationship than the typical financial Advisor; a fiduciary for themselves and their beneficiaries.

Private Wealth Management

We help individuals and families with investable assets over $1,000,000 navigate all of life’s challenges, creating a viable path to long-term success, made possible by:

Institutional Clients

We work with institutions to create, improve, and manage plans in a manner that best achieves corporate objectives.

What We Do

We empower clients to live life confidently by addressing their areas of concern and taking over many of the often-daunting financial tasks. Simply put, we help our clients worry less about their financial future.

While many Advisors offer “planning services”, few provide truly comprehensive financial planning. This often leads to adverse and avoidable outcomes, including delayed retirement and unnecessary risks. We listen to each client’s goals then create and implement a game plan to achieve them. The many planning topics are always evolving and often confusing. At Paragon, we address these challenges head-on while coordinating with the client’s other professional advisors, providing a seamless concierge experience.

  • Coordination Between Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Agents, and Lenders
  • Planning Strategies for: Retirement, Social Security, Gifting, Roth Conversions, College
  • In-Depth Review of: Tax Return, Estate Documents, Insurance Policies, Retirement Plans
  • Creation of: Full Financial Plan, Retirement Projection, Cash Flow Statement, Net Worth Statement
  • Regular Review Meetings

While many claim to “manage investments”, few are truly qualified to evaluate a broad spectrum of investments, typically using canned portfolios or outsourcing to a third subadvisor. This often leads to hidden fees, less tax-efficiency, excessive risk, and poor performance. Our scale allows us to achieve superior pricing for clients and gain access to investments that are unavailable to most other advisory firms. Our independence means there are no restrictions on the investments, managers, or strategies we evaluate.

  • Public Investments: Individual Stocks, Options, Individual Bonds, ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Private Investments: Venture Capital and Commercial Real Estate
  • Portfolios: In-House, Institutional, Cost-Conscious, Tax-Efficient, Designed to Fit Your Risk Profile
  • Strategies: Tax-loss Harvesting, Option Income Generation, Tax-Optimization
  • Clear Performance Reporting
  • 401(k) Investment Management

Our Team

David Hailey, CFP®, CTFA®

Partner & President

Robert Calhoun, CFA®, CFP®

Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Stephen McGee, CFP®

Partner & Financial Quarterback

Jordan Spradling, CFP®

Financial Analyst

Mandy Smith

Operations Manager

Sergio Teague

Financial Planning Associate

Mathew Lee, Ph.D.

Financial Planning Associate

Tina Nguyen


Hilda Rainwater

Operations Specialist

Jan Norwood

Jan Norwood

Administrative Associate

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