Markets & Fiscal Drama

What’s going on with markets? Why does the federal government keep getting into fiscal fights? A lot is going on, so let’s discuss. Why did markets melt down? A combination of things. Some negative news about home sales and consumer confidence created fresh concerns about the state of the economy.1

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Ignoring the Right Things

Quick question: What do you usually find yourself reading? News summaries, headlines, and quick bits to keep yourself updated? Or longer reads like books and articles? We’re ever more inundated with information that’s eager to capture our attention. We click because we want to stay up to speed and avoid

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Thanksgiving-Turkey or Dressing?

Thanksgiving week, 2018 was an interesting one for the stock market. The S&P dropped 3.8% for the week putting us officially into a market correction. We closed the week down 10.2% from our last market high. This Thanksgiving week was the worst week since 1939. Monday, November 26, 2018 did

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