Floating Above the Turmoil

Imagine there are 100 miles between you and a goal. A place you want to get to. But the land in between is chock full of canyons, crevasses, and crumbling cliffs. You have two choices of how you could get there. You could find a way on foot, sliding into

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How to be a Smarter Investor in Uncertain Times

In a perfect world, logic would always guide our financial decisions. Emotions wouldn’t come into play. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Far from it. That means our emotions impact our financial choices more than we realize.1 Shockingly as much as 95% of our purchase choices are made

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Taxes and Investments

The single greatest expenditure that most individuals face is taxes. Google “tax freedom day” and you’ll find the number of days you work during the year just to pay taxes. In 2017 that day was April 23; or 114 days (about 1/3 of the year) before you begin to keep

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