How Should You Choose a Financial Planner?

Finding a financial professional, or even evaluating the one you currently use, is a hard task. There seem to be so many in the marketplace working for different companies. We will discuss our 5 reasons as to why an advisor at Paragon is different and could be the right fit

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How to Find Your Ideal Retirement Spot

What if you could blink and suddenly be living the retirement of your dreams? What would that look like? Would you be relaxing by glittering waters on a warm, white sandy beach? Would you be on a new adventure in the great outdoors? Or maybe you’d be enjoying more time

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Goal Setting

We at Paragon Financial Advisors don’t believe that “any direction” is acceptable. The financial well-being of you and your loved ones is too important to be left to chance. That’s why we encourage our clients to develop their personal financial goals. Goals are basically a result or achievement toward which

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