Ignoring the Right Things

Quick question: What do you usually find yourself reading? News summaries, headlines, and quick bits to keep yourself updated? Or longer reads like books and articles? We’re ever more inundated with information that’s eager to capture our attention. We click because we want to stay up to speed and avoid

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Secure Act 2.0

We hope you had a fantastic start to your 2023 year. We wanted to pass along some new retirement rules for you. We will try to keep it simple. After months of debate, Congress finally passed some major changes to retirement laws at the end of 2022.1 The Setting Every

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5/29: National 529 College Savings Plan Awareness Day

School Yourself Before You InvestMay 29th is National College Savings Plan Awareness Day. This annual day celebrates the importance of preparing for future college expenses and the advantages of 529 College Savings Plans. Did you know that an alarming 70% of studentswho graduated from college in 2013 left college with

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