Retirement is a popular topic of discussion and, in some cases, an item of concern. There have been television commercials of “What is your number?” and “Do you have enough money for retirement?” This Quarter’s newsletter discusses some of the factors that lead to a successful (financial) retirement. These factors can be complex and our discussion here is purely a cursory one.

We, at Paragon Financial Advisors, will be happy to have a more in-depth conversation with you about your personal circumstances. One particular success factor listed in Part 2 (portfolio expense) is one we monitor. Any mutual funds chosen for our client portfolios have no sales charges (for sales or purchases) and we try to select appropriate mutual funds with minimal expense ratios. For appropriate accounts, we select individual securities; this selection eliminates expense ratios completely.

 In addition, we at Paragon have negotiated lower security transaction fees for client transactions—again reducing the expense of investment management. The final item discussed is a graphical chart of funds flowing into and out of stock and bond mutual funds. The bottom line is most investors do the wrong thing—selling when they should be buying and vice versa.

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