Retirement brings many changes. The old adage of “twice as much spouse and half as much money” is humorous; other aspects of retirement are not. In this issue, we discuss some of the planning issues that retirement brings. We also look at what may lie ahead for rising interest rates.

The first article discusses longevity. No one knows how long they will live, but prudent planning says “run out of time before you run out of money.” There are some things that we can do to plan for an extended life span. Three are discussed in the first article.

The second article explores financial issues surrounding the  death of the first spouse. In many households, one spouse is the primary financial manager. If that spouse dies first, the remaining spouse may be faced with financial decisions at an obviously stressful time. What can be done to remove some of the financial stress? That is the topic of discussion in article two.

Finally, how long can these low interest rates last? No one knows for sure—even the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. However, there are some historical items that might give a clue. The third article shows the historical difference between the rate of inflation and the 10 year U.S. Treasury bond. Looking at the current “spread rate” might provide some indication of what lies ahead.


Wm. Jene Tebeaux CFP® CFA® CAIA®

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