Welcome to the spring installment of our quarterly newsletter.  For us, spring is a time for new growth as we emerge from the winter, spring cleaning, and TAXES…  We hope that you can use our newsletter to “spring clean” some of your financial planning topics with the included articles.

Each year around tax filing time we receive questions about the 1099.  Have you ever wondered why a corrected 1099 was sent or why it is taking so long to get your 1099 statement?  For help in understanding the how’s and why’s, our first article explores reporting requirements for custodians and different income inclusions that may be seen on the 1099 statement along with their tax treatment. 

The second article addresses strategies to maximize your IRA through timing of cash flow, maximizing potential assets to beneficiaries, tax efficiency in placement of assets and Roth conversions among others.  Which of these strategies would be advantageous for you?

With ever changing estate planning laws in the very recent history, we finish off with items from the estate plan that should be reviewed sooner rather than later.  Are there items from this list that you have been meaning to update?  There is no time better than the present!

If there are topics that you would like to see covered in more detail in our newsletter or blog please give us a call and thank you to our readers!  We are so thankful you have allowed us the opportunity to work with you.


Sarah D. Buenger, CFP®

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