In this quarter’s newsletter I will be discussing Estate Planning, Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs), and Retirement.  Although each of the following articles cover a different topic, they are all components of the financial planning process.
Although estate planning is a subject that some people would prefer not to discuss, it is a vital part of a financial plan. The first article, “To Trust or Not to Trust,” explains why high net worth couples should include a trust in their estate planning process.  Keep in mind that trusts are not just for high net worth individuals.  There are other reasons to include a trust in your estate plan.  Trusts provide asset protection for your heir(s), manage assets for your minor or impaired children, and have age specific asset distribution benchmarks for your heir(s) (i.e. age 25, 30, etc.). 
The second article, “Three Reasons to Add ETFs to Your Portfolio,” considers why ETFs could be a good addition to your portfolio.  ETFs are a relatively new investment product than became available in the U.S. in 1993 and have gained in popularity over the past several years.  ETFs started as index funds, but in 2008 the Securities and Exchange Commission began allowing the creation of actively managed ETFs.
Lastly, the third article “So, You’re Ready for Retirement…Or Are You?” discusses how over the past several years retirement planning has come to include a period of transition.  This transition period is not for everyone, but the option should be explored before retiring.        
   As always, we at Paragon Financial Advisors welcome your questions about your account.  If you are interested in Financial Planning or any of the topics discussed please call us. 
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David W. Hailey CTFA®, CFP®

Principal and President

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