Investment Strategies

There has been much discussion about investment strategy. Is an active management strategy (where the investor or an investment manager actively selects the investments in the portfolio) or a passive strategy (simply trying to replicate a broad market index with selected investments) the better choice? Or does the best answer

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Saving for Retirement

How are your retirement savings progressing?  The Employee Benefit Research Institute released a report in March, 2013 that found 28% of Americans felt they are “not at all confident” that they have saved enough for retirement. That is the highest level ever recorded in the 23 years of the survey.That

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Paragon Perspectives

We at Paragon Financial Advisors value the relationships we’ve built with you, our trusted clients and friends. We are driven to improve our services and ourselves in delivery of those services. To that end, we follow trends and new developments that add value through increasing the client experience and/or increasing

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